Chimney Services for Real Estate Professionals

The team of fireplace and chimney specialists at Fireplace Freddie has worked with real estate professionals for over seventeen years. Many times after the home inspection is done, chimney and fireplace repairs are recommended by the home inspector.

Fireplace Freddie offers video camera chimney inspections for real estate transactions

Fireplace Freddie offers thorough chimney and fireplace video scan inspections just for real estate transactions. Each video inspection includes a copy of the DVD, a detailed chimney condition report as well as the exact cost for any work or repairs that are needed.

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We offer RUSH service for Realtors

If you already have a chimney inspection report, Fireplace Freddie can write up a detailed bid that outlines the exact cost of the chimney and fireplace repairs FAST. All you have to do is email the chimney inspection report to We’re able to get a bid back to you on a rush basis because we know how critical it is to know the cost of repairs before the contingency period ends.

We’ll work with you to get the repairs done quickly

If the buyer or seller wishes to have Fireplace Freddie perform the chimney & fireplace repairs, we’ll schedule the work at the convenience of your client. We can even make arrangements to bill the escrow account if preferred.

Call us today to schedule an appointment at 1-800-929-1538 or click here to request an appointment online.


“Fireplace Freddie has been an excellent resource for me as a real estate professional. Their work has always been of the highest quality and their willingness to help answer my and/or my client’s questions in a timely manner has been a great support service for me.”



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